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China Apparel & Textile

Yiwu Jierui Carpet Factory

Company Introduction

Yiwu jierui carpet factory was established on 2002, it´s one comprehensive industry and trade enterprise that production and marketing unified.Established so far in the factory, because of grasp the consistent aim since taking advantage of creating --´´with the best product quality, the most rational product cost, offer the most high-quality service! ´´won the confidence of domestic and international numerous customers and support.
Yiwu jierui carpet factory has chenille carpet production capacity of 400, 000 square meters in annual production now.The chenille carpet´s series of ´´ jirrui brand´´, including purified cotton series, glue series and acrylic fibres serial carpets, it is one of the varieties of carpet developed newly in america and europe now, and ´´fresh and plain with it, style on return to nature´´, sweep the whole world, America and Europe, Japan, Korea, Singapore favorable comment of market deeply.
The chenille carpet is made of 100% of the high-quality first-class cotton in ´´jerry brand´´, accord with the quality level of the international carpet trade.And various kinds of specifications and colors are complete, we can meet many kinds of customers´ demands.
Yiwu jierui carpet factory, asks prestige with the strength, ask and open up with prestige, hope writed the new chapter for the house ornamentation of our country that supported by trade companies from every profession and trade.

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