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China's Textile and Apparel Exports Hit A Record High, Five Months Before the Growth Nearly A Quarter
The latest statistics show that authority before this year may China textile clothing accumulative total trade between $97.79 billion, increased by about 26%. China's textile and apparel exports in emerging markets, particularly the performance of the eye.

The reporter from 13, China national textiles import and export chamber of commerce, before 5 month that China's textile and apparel exports to Europe 18.36 billion dollars, about 28% growth; And, to the eu export commodities unit price gains were to continue to expand. Over the same period, China's textile and apparel exports to the us $12.58 billion, up 15%; Japan exports to us $10.02 billion, an increase of 23%.

According to introducing, this year since the Chinese textile clothing export in emerging markets, particularly in the asean, Latin America and Australia all has become China's textile and apparel exports the fastest-growing area in the country. Before this year may, Chinese textile clothing export of asean $7.55 billion, about 43% growth; Over the same period, China to Latin America and Oceania exports up by 60% and 29% respectively, a growth rate all the past main traditional markets.

But, it is worth noting, in May this year the Chinese textile clothing trade volume of $22.21 billion, up about 23%, which export growth around 24%, imports rose about 11%. Despite the country&rsquo export growth, but keep the growth slowing, growth is a drop of 12.8% in April; And the same period, the import growth also started to slow, year-on-year growth a drop of 3.4% in April.

Promulgated by the national development and reform commission 12 and report says China's textile industry, the current production and export and other major indexes in early and compared the situation has been slowing growth. Looking to the future, although domestic market are still expected to continue to realize the stable growth in the second half, but is expected to China's textile industrial main economic index growth will slow further.